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redminds - management consulting & coaching - Based on lean & proven methods & frameworks, we drive strategies, organisations & projects in the digital & agile age. We are well connected to a great network and experts, amongst others to organisations such as D_BREAK and to other partners.


For companies, who are tackling the challenge of (re)aligning their organization for the digital and agile age, is the consulting, coaching and moderation we bring to the table a framework for action, which enables a successful transformation of the organization beyond teams. We are OKR* Master, Scrum Master and certified for Agile Leadership Management.


For companies, who want to align their project and IT portfolio to their strategy, is the portfolio and architecture management that we bring in, framework and method at the simultaneously for a targeted orientation and management of the activities in the product, project and IT portfolio.


For companies, who need to bridge a short-term resource bottleneck, is the Product Owner (in) / Project Manager (in) a significant relief, which enables the continuation of important and urgent projects and ensures flexibility and agility.


For companies, which need help to solve management gaps, we take over the full management responsibility for a specific role and task, e.g. as a CIO, CTO or CDO. We provide you with expert knowledge.

* OKR = Objectives and Key Results

Constantly think about how you could be doing things better and keep questioning yourself

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Boris K.A. Reinhard, owner of redminds, uses his experience from approx. 10 years of consulting in digital/e-business projects and approx. 10 years in business and enterprise architecture management. In addition, his two university degrees (Business Information Systems and Architecture) serve him as a basis for structured and methodical approaches and for thinking "outside the box".

He is an agile coach, OKR Master, Scrum Master and certified for agile leadership.

Boris K.A. Reinhard

Dipl.-Ing. & M.Sc. – Agile Coach & Management Consultant – OKR Master – Scrum Master – Certified for Agile Leadership
‘My passion is to guide businesses through new challenges, leverage customer-centricity and new technologies – based on proven methods & frameworks.’

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