stability & continuity in the face of transformation & change.

we are familiar with organisations in disruptive environments. we are your guides.

[R1] REDMINDS (Zürich, Switzerland)

Your Swiss advisory & coaching for the problems of a dynamic, digital & agile world

We speak "Deutsch" & "English".

The future needs creative approaches from a vivid, "red" solution space. We understand your pain points during your transformation and that you care. We have applicable experience. And we have a simple process where we enable you to start and act within days - not weeks or months.

Based on lean & proven methods & frameworks, we drive strategies, organisations & projects in the digital & agile age. We are well connected to a great network and experts, amongst others to organisations such as D_BREAK and to other partners. We’re a highly committed team which covers the skills, practices, habits and culture you need for success. We’re all coaches, and we love to teach people how to make their business the best that it can be.




"systemisch-agil" (german) - For companies, who are tackling the challenge of (re)aligning their organization for the digital and agile age, is the consulting, coaching and moderation we bring to the table a framework for action, which enables a successful transformation of the organization beyond teams. We are OKR* Experts, MapsTell Guides, Scrum Masters and certified for Agile Leadership Management & Systemic Coaching.

By the way, we offer OKR Expert trainings (Certified OKR Expert, COE).


Best Practice Transformation & Enterprise Management is history. There are new more customer- and business-driven challenges. Ecosystems do not end at the company's door. For our clients, who struggle with a broad range of problems during digital transformation with their strategy, we implement an emergent approach of Change Management and Adaptive Strategy.


For companies, who want to align their project and IT portfolio to their strategy, is the portfolio and architecture management that we bring in, framework and method at the simultaneously for a targeted orientation and management of the activities in the product, project and IT portfolio.


For companies, which need help to solve management gaps, we take over the full enablement (management) responsibility for a specific role and task, e.g. as a CIO, CTO or CDO. We provide you with expert knowledge.

* OKR = Objectives and Key Results

If you want to build a ship, don't drum up people to collect wood and don't assign them tasks and work, but rather teach them to long for the endless immensity of the sea. (Antoine de Saint Exupéry)

  • We bring your transformation back on track. From decades of experience, we always remain calm when things get challenging.

  • Calling. Contribution. Connection. Control. We know what keeps people becoming motivated and aligned.

  • From dozens of OKR setups, we know what has proven itself in practice and what has not. And we help you to find the proper setup for your agile company.

  • Based on the "Dimensions of Digital", we scan your digital maturity and identify your fields of action.

Unlike other providers, we rely on the following without compromise...

Leaders' Nuggets -The new podcast. 10 minutes an episode. Hacks for you. In German language. Coming soon.

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